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        Consideration of electrostatics accident in cleanroom

        Accidents caused by static electricity occur frequently in the clean workshop, so the anti-static ability of clean workshop has become an important aspect to evaluate its quality.


        The so-called static electricity is caused by friction and other reasons, which destroys the uniform electric neutral state of the object (+) negative < (-) of the object, while the charge is surplus and the object is charged. Due to these charges are normally not flowing, so they are called static.

        There are several accidents caused by static electricity in the clean workshop:

        1. Electrostatic shock caused by static electricity can cause people's insecurity and fear, and can cause secondary damage (e.g., a person falls due to shock and falls from fall).

        2. The discharge current caused by electrostatic discharge can cause damage and false action such as semiconductor components, for example, put 50pcs P-MOS circuit in the plastic bag, shaking several times, with non-gate gate serious breakdown of the 39 block, the failure rate up to 78%, this is because the semiconductor device is very sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

        3. The electromagnetic waves generated by electrostatic discharge can lead to noise and misoperation of electronic instruments and devices.

        4. The luminescence of electrostatic discharge can cause the photographic damage for the photographic film.

        5. The mechanical phenomena of static electricity can cause the mesh to be blocked by dust, the spinning line is chaotic, the printed matter is not uniform and the product is polluted.

        The generation of electrostatic accidents lies mainly in the generation of static electricity and accumulation, and the flow of air, the friction between air & pipeline, & tuyere & filters; the friction between the human body and clothes, clothes & clothes, the process of grinding, spraying, jet, washing, stirring, bonding and stripping, etc, all these are all likely to produce static electricity. In the general case, the less conductance of the non-conductor (insulator), which is not easy to flow after the charge is produced, thus the more easily charged.


        The electrostatic problem is especially serious in the clean workshop, because it is not only in the clean workshop that there are various process factors that generate static electricity, but also because many materials in the clean workshop such as plastic floor, wall, nylon, and so on, all have high resistivity, all are easy to generate static electricity and static accumulator.

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