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        Food industry clean room solution


        The clean room area of the food industry is an application of clean technology of raw materials processing and deep processing in the food industry. The Clean rooms of the food industry, in addition to controlling particulates in the air, are also strict in the control of microorganisms in the air environment, and in technology to prevent the cross-contamination of food from microorganisms. The most representative of these are sterile packaging, the sterile packaging of food (such as soft packaging fresh juice, milk, etc.), it’s in the clean environment to complete the packaging process, in keeping the food color, aroma, taste, nutrition and so on is better than the general high temperature sterilization canned food. In addition to aseptic packaging, air clean technology has high application in food brewing and fermentation.

        The clean room of the food industry cleanroom zone is based on the clean room of the pharmaceutical industry, but higher than the average clean room. According to the original United States federal standard FS 209B, which is now suspended, the specific details can be divided into 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and 3000000 levels, according to ISO - 14644 international standards of China national standard GB - 50073-1-9, 100 grade, 1000 grade, 10000 grade and 100000 grade are respectively by international standard ISO - 14644 standard of level 5, 6, 7 and 8, the cleanliness level of this kind of clean room (area) is level 1-8, of which 1-5, airflow type is one-way flow or mixed flow, and the wind speed is 0.2-0.45m/s. Level 6 air flow is non-unidirectional flow, the number of ventilation is 50-60 times / h; level 7 air flow is the non-unidirectional flow, the number of ventilation is 15-25 times / h; level 8-9 air flow is non-unidirectional flow, the number of ventilation is 10-15 times / h.


        KLC has the professional design team & professional construction team for such a clean room for the corresponding design & construction program. KLC specializing in the production of air filters and purification equipment, is famous in this industry.

        In this kind of clean room has more attention to health, safety. Our company uses the nontoxic, light-colored, waterproof, anti-mildew, anti-mildew, non - shedding, easy to clean materials to build in the workshop interior wall, ceiling and door and window. The corner, ground angle and top angle should have radian (the radius of curvature should be no less than 3cm); The operating table, conveyor belt, transport vehicle and tools in the workshop are made of non-toxic, corrosion resistant, non-rusting, easy to clean and disinfection and strong materials. These can ensure complete clean room can create value to customers. This type of clean room has a lot of waste heat recycling, such as energy, from past engineering applications, for this kind of clean room we have a lot in terms of energy saving measures.

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