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        Xi'an First Hospital cooperation with KLC

        Xi'an First Hospital was founded in 1941, is the first-class general hospital under Xi'an Municipal Health Bureau. Hospital existing staff of 1272 people, including senior professional titles more than 300 people. KLC product quality won the hospital's trust and praise, Xi'an First Hospital selected KLC for its clean operating room projects.


        ▲Xi'an First Hospital


        ▲clean room for data analysis equipment

        The hospital attaches great importance to the construction of the hospital clean area, KLC has fulfilled their requirement for products "five years without maintenance, ten years not out of date". Not only provide air optimization and purification treatment for the corridors, but also for the operating room with highest air cleanliness, KLC have done a very strict standard for the projects, including regular operating room checking for temperature, humidity and cleanliness.


        ▲Hospital corridors


        ▲Clean operating room with KLC air filtration system


        ▲Operating room buffer preparation room


        ▲Static detection of the operating room


        ▲Manual indoor testing


        ▲Operating room dust particle detection

        Not only important operating room, but also other related space, such as general ward, general department corridors are supplied with air circulation and optimized clean air to ensure each patient can absorb the most safe and clean air.

        Xi'an First Hospital as a well-known hospital in the northwest, the Hospital trust KLC air filter quality, choose KLC for its high-quality clean operating room, it is not only a affirmation to KLC products and services, but also KLC brand’s recognition.

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