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        KLC provide GMP standard workshop for Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd

         Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd, the original Guangdong Xianle Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd., is a researcher and producer for nutritional health products, including soft capsules, nutritious chitosan, tablets, powders, hard capsules, oral liquid and other dosage forms. Committed in providing in place R&D services and high-quality products, Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd has research, development and produce product area including health food, functional food, cosmetics etc.


        ▲Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd

        KLC’s air filtration technology design ensure Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd. Workshop’s GMP standard, clean corridor, dressing area, clean workshop sections are all in strict accordance with the GMP requirements


        ▲Clean corridor


        ▲Buffer front room


        ▲Dressing area




        ▲KLC HEPA Unit in the raw material processing workshop


        ▲Drug mixing workshop


        ▲Processing lines require standard dress code


        ▲KLC Pass Boxes

        In Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd., the lowest cleanliness requirements is the materials preparation area and materials display area, respectively using C-class and D-class design


        ▲Pack material preparation workshop

        With the national drug and food regulatory authorities strike out, GMP has become the health care drugs and food enterprises access threshold. Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd. is a international exporting enterprise and has passed multi-national health certification, high attention to product quality is the the magic weapon for company development, KLC’s pre filter to high efficiency filters in perfect quality promise the cleanliness of Sirio Pharma workshop, provide the most powerful guarantee for the quality of health care drugs.

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