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        KLC provides Olympus with clean environment solutions and professional technical support

         "A move first, eat all over the sky", is a summary of Olympus by its China's deputy general manager. Whether it is excellence LCD viewfinder SLR, or diving anti-crash card camera, Olympus attract everyone with its distinctive features and cutting-edge technology. Olympus chose KLC, is a high recognition for KLC product quality and technical service.


        ▲Shenzhen factory main building

        Olympus Shenzhen plant is a production facility for optical components and components, targeting to be the N0.1 manufacturing plant for core optical components, it is responsible for the design and manufacture of various Olympus product parts. Workshop has very high requirement on the cleanliness, because a dust may destroy a product. KLC focused on air purification for more than 20 years, provide Olympus the most high-quality and efficient filters and professional technical support.


        ▲Spotless comfortable plant


        ▲The neat aisle


        ▲Clean room production


        ▲industrial mold manufacturing

        As a large factory to accommodate more than 10,000 people, Olympus Shenzhen factory is a leader in Shenzhen’s foreign-owned enterprises both from the scale and the environment, especially in the harsh standard on the cleanliness of the workshop and the control of the clean room, KLC air filter quality has been recognized and praised by Olympus.


        ▲Orderly production

        Olympus with "dare to be the world first" spirit, rapidly occupate the market. KLC with our forefront technology and industry’s top clean room cleanliness, become Olympus's best partner. KLC and Olympus's strong combination, helps to put Olympus product quality to a new height.

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