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        Strong productivity and technology

        In the area of air purifying and filtration, it’s so important to establish and choose an appropriate project in the aim to purify the air. When you prepare to build a clean room for industry, only high quality filtration solving project with good quality air filter could ensure you. And it’s the same when you want to have a health and comfortable air for room.  KLC insist on improving purifying equipment and air filter in order to reduce the work and advanced, high-quality reasonable and economical productions and service supporting for every different industry all over the world. No matter you belongs to which industry, no matter which model you want, you would feel safe, assuredness and credibility if you co-operate with KLC.

        Reliable cooperation
        Completed orientation and series

        As a supplier for the global market, based on data and fact, KLC           supply long-term safety guarantee and technology support, and         analyze detail demand roundly and thoroughly. The purpose is to       provide professional advice, full specification, running periods cost    and perfect service to the customers. If so, customers can gain the     biggest benefit guarantee from KLC

        KLC ample completed series products can satisfy your any demand in clean room: from standard equipment and air filter to special kinds in different occasion and demand, From the view of our customer,  we  supply optimal air purifying solving project and design the excellent  products  for them. You will find out the best project which is suitable for you in KLC.

        OUR TEAM

        R&D Department
        Sales Team
        Production Team

        Mainly responsible for the new product development and product improvement of technical work, has its own professional three-dimensional industrial design drawings, professional dust-free production workshop and perfect design process.

        Our sales and management teams are in the best position to offer you and your customers the best advice on air filtration system. We are available to meet at your, or your customer's premises to review the requirements and propose the best solutions.

        Has more than 200 skilled workers and the world's advanced production equipment and perfect testing equipment. At the same time, we never stop training employees to ensure that customers can enjoy the most professional service of high quality products.

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        • Enterprise Profile - KLC Cleantech

          Service Hotline+86 020 8455 2831

        • Enterprise Profile - KLC Cleantech

          Mobile phone+86 020 8455 2831

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