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        At the beginning of establishment, KLC committed to the construction projects in the area of air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, air treatment, dust-free workshop, etc, focusing on China's emerging markets for future high-tech manufacturing industry, which has provided a solid foundation for industrial clean room area in technology, management and services.


        KLC registered our own trademarks, transferred air purification manufacturing market from scattered hand-made workshop to factory integration production. In the same year, KLC became China's first batch company in the air purification field to pass the SGS ISO9001 and SGS ISO14001 certification, these criteria for quality and environment management have built a solid basic for KLC’s management and development. KLC also won the "National Quality Credit Enterprise" in 2006.


        KLC sales channel developed into diversified stage, began foreign trade, undertook a large number of overseas orders, reached cooperation with numbers of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. In the same year, KLC products quality reached to a higher level, highly praised by domestic and foreign partners, and won the " Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness " award.


        KLC' worked with more than 3,000 end-users, and established one of few 10,000 clean class clean room for HEPA filters and ULPA filter manufacturing, in order to ensure the filters are free from pollution before customer receive the products. The clean room has effectively meet the requirement for business and future expansion of capacity, logistics or hardware equipment.


        KLC again researched and developed our own a variety of purification products, the world-class quality, appearance and utility model patents has set off a clean air whirlwind among the industry. Opened up a new situation in the domestic air purification industry.


        KLC product technology break through the traditional constraints successfully, innovation and improvement has been promoted, some product projects have been reviewed and passed the state-level scientific and technological innovation projects. In the same year, KLC is awarded as "high-tech" enterprises.


        KLC imported a large-scale media folding machine and flat foaming machine, became the first in southern China producing 1500mm width mini-pleat media filter.


        KLC invested huge sums of money to introduce an U-level testing equipment for filter’s air flow, resistance and efficiency testing, filling the blank in southern China market of air filter testing, secondary testing equipment with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. KLC all products start to label with a style code, which enable the immediate tracing from production, logistics and product maintenance.


        KLC brand get a further upgrade, integrated comprehensively both from internal and external, including APP, suppliers, supply chain, logistics system etc. Starting a new journey from the state-own company Da An Gene become a shareholder of KLC.

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        • Development History - KLC Cleantech

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        • Development History - KLC Cleantech

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